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MimoVax in few words: The Folder

Download the folder to learn everything about the project in no time. PDF



MimoVax illustrates: The Project

The third MimoVax video explains what causes Alzheimer's disease. How could MimoVax contribute to finding a cure and which technologies will be used to achieve this goal?



MimoVax illustrates: AlzHeimer's

The second of three MimoVax videos illuminates the personal fate of Alzheimer's patients. What does this diagnosis mean for people concerned and their family and how does the disease affect their daily lives?



MimoVax illustrates: Vaccination

The first part of the "MimoVax illustrates" trilogy deals with cows and vaccination. Cows? Which role they play in immunisation is depicted in the movie.



MimoVax at the European Researchers' Night 2009

MimoVax was presented as successfull FP6-funded project during the ERN in Vienna. Click the image below to download a poster PDF (german only).

Preview Poster - click to download as PDF

( Adobe® Reader is required: download here)


MimoVax illustrates: The Project

What causes Alzeihmer's disease and how could MimoVax help

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